We’re a world of shoppers and we like to keep up with the latest fashion trends! But do we ever really think about someone who doesn’t have clothes to wear, food to eat, a house to live in, or even no money to pay for hospital bills? No, we don’t; not even the world’s leading fashion brand, unfortunately.

Do we ever think about how buying cheap clothing has affected the person making it? Unfortunately, we’ve accustomed to fast fashion that’s extremely accessible and cheap – But it comes at such a greater cost to others. Think who made that clothing, jewelry, or accessories, how much they were paid, and their working conditions. It’s a bitter subject, which we can’t ignore! All this because of negative thoughts controlling our mind, restricting us to think for others!

So, we’ve started BE ENOUGH AFFIRMATION SHOP with a vision where every single life matters, making this world a better place to live in! Offering exclusive affirmation products that make significant changes in customer’s lives by reinforcing the wearer’s ability to believe in oneself and thinking for others too, who really need help!

Most of you people don’t even know? The happiness and success you experience in life are greatly determined by the thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are powerful, positive thoughts and statements that can be used to nurture a positive mindset. By repeating them, we create positive subconscious thoughts that inevitably affect the way we respond to and the situations we attract in our lives. BE ENOUGH AFFIRMATION SHOP is not just an ordinary affirmation shop brand – It’s a brand creating impact, adding values to everyone’s life via our affirmation printed products.

On one hand, the brand is here to help you feel beautiful, powerful, and special so that in turn, you transform your life and the world around you. On the other hand with each sale, 2$ of proceeds are donated to charity, In this world trust is hard to come by and we want to do just that by sharing everything on our social media like the number of sales, earned charity amount and places where that amount will be donated.

So if you want to look great while at the same time helping for a good cause then our exclusive range of Affirmation t-shirt, Affirmation Hoodie, Affirmation one-piece, Affirmation bag, Affirmation mask, affirmation mobile case, Affirmation necklace, Affirmation bracelet, affirmation earrings, and much more need your attention. By using affirmation clothing, jewelry, and accessories, you can inspire yourself to be all that you want to be as they can be a powerful tool for personal empowerment. 

Moreover, whenever you purchase from BE ENOUGH AFFIRMATION SHOP, you’re not only stepping into your highest power of positive energy BUT also joining hands with us to make this world a better place by helping someone who really needs our help. At last, we know how to share happiness because of sharing this good cause publically on social media, so everyone who purchases from us will feel proud.

At the end of every month, we will not only reveal the number of sales and charity amounts but also showing where we will be spending this money and for what charity cause. This amazing cause will not be possible without YOU – Thank you in advance and have an amazing year ahead of You.

Great Service!

Amazing service by affirmation shop. Delivery was a little slow but we get it because of corona. I wil order again.

Matea Stancin / Google


Everything was amazing. Customer service,delivery and product quality was top notch. Also by buying here I help others. Can’t be better.

Lucija Jarpun / Facebook


Be Enough Affirmation shop is what I needed. We are living in hard times so affirmation reminders they offer are amazing. And all is for good cause.

Martina Nikolic / Facebook